Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Perris 07/04/15

Damion Gardner

Damion under the checkers

Podium of Richard Vander Weerd, winner Damion Gardner and Austin Williams

An ecxited damion

Austin Williams helmet

Steve Alexander and Tony Jones

Chris Gansen

3 legged rACE

Baloon toss

Driver school booth

Rickie Gaunt

Parker Colston

Tommy Malcolm

Josh Pelkey

Danny Faria Jr.

Richard Vander Weerd

Super Rickie and Don Kazarian

Super Rickie gets a surprise from his number 1 fan Shawn McDonald - a nice plaque.

Ronnie Everhart holds up the plaque

Terry Schank Jr and Verne Sweeney

Austin Williams and Jake Swanson



and more

Four wide before the feature

Dann Faria Jr and Rickie Gaunt

Mike Spencer and Josh Pelkey

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