Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Perris 06/13/15

Perris podium with Mike Spencer, winner Damion Gardner and Austin Williams

Damion does his cage cheer

Damion and Matt Mitchell in a tussle

The Pratt Family celebrating Evelyn and Bill Pratt's memory.

Matt Mitchell and Biggie chatting.

The Williams boys from left Logan, Cody and Austin.

Cody Williams

Okie Toby Sampson - one of th enice guys

Soon to be retired Rickie Gaunt

Damion Gardner

Austin Williams

The third heat race

Mike Spencer and Chris Gansen

The Moose crew with Jake Swanson

Flying the fours

Chris Gansen runs under another car

Austin Williams and Jake Swanson

Matt Mitchell and Cody Willaims

Checkered flag for Damion

Toby Sampson his kids and his toy

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