Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Perris May day

Damion Gardner

Podium Spencer, winner Damion and Faas

New flagperson Don Flanders daughter Ellen

Josh pelkey and Willaims

Rip Williams

Hub Cap Mike Collins

Mike Martin

Mike Spencer

Johnny Bluntach

Brody Roa

Bobby Blinn

Richard Vender Weerd

Jace Vender Weerd

Nic Faas

Chancellor Tiscareno

Tony Everhart

Damion checking out the track

Josh Pelkey

Skip pushing Moosemobile

Chris Holt and close friend

Nic Faas and Seth Wilson

Damion Gardner and Richard Vander weerd

Mike Martin and Kenny Perkins

Young Gun driver

Victor Davis

Mrs Moose cake

Mrs Moose is back!

Four wide line-up

Josh Pelkey

Rip Williams and Josh Pelkey

Charles Davis Jr

Damion Gardner

Damion celebrating

Alexander victory circle

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