Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Perris April 12

Damion Gardner after third win in a row in 2014

Damion Gardner and Mike Spencer

Damion Gardner

Austin Williams

new headers on Silver Bullet

Corey Ballard

J J Ercse

Cory Kruseman

Matt Mitchell

Seth Wilson

Verne Sweeney

Nic Faas

Rickie Gaunt

Austin Williams

David Bezio

Brody Roa

Mike Spencer

First heat

Rickie, Verne and Matt at speed

Second heat

Damion Gardner and Nic Faas

Gary Taylor and Brody Roa

Cody Williams and Seth Wilson

4 wide

Ronnie Gardner and Austin Williams

Brody Roa and Mike Spencer

Damion Gardner

Damion Gardner

Here is what Doug Allen does in his "spare" time. He works on these famous planes.

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