Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Perris 04/06/13

Nic Faas on the gas

Nic coming out of the car

Podium Damion Gardner, winner Nic Faas and David Cardey

Greg Alexander

Mike Martin

Austin Williams

John Aden

Nic Faas

Rickie Gaunt

Jace Vander Weerd

Rip Willaims

Cal Smith

Richard Vander Weerd

Damion Gardner

Matt Mitchell

Bud Kaeding

Marcus Niemela

David Bezio and Greg Alexander

David Cardey

Mike Spencer and Rip Williams

Austin Williams and R J Johnson

Austin Williams and Jace vander Weerd

A J Bender

The Senior class winner Ed Schwarz.

Four wide down the front stretch.

The silver twins Nic Faas and Damion Gardner.

Bud Kaeding and Austin Williams.

Ryan Bernal and Brody Roa.

Mike Spencer in the air between R J Johnson and Matt Mitchell.

Nic Faas and David Cardey.

The winning Alexander Team.

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