Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Rt 66 Motorplex URA Grand opening

David Cardey and Cal Smith

The Noose team!

David Cardey and Trophy Girl

Cody, Ripper, Logan and Austin Williams

Pit view

Seth Wilson

Logan Williams

Adam Frith-Smith

Damion Gardner

Rip Williams and Seth Wilson

Austin Williams

The Demon on one wheel!!!!

Hubcap Mike Collins

Nic Faas

A J Bender

Cody Williams

Tony Everhart

Fans crossing the track to see the cars

Seth Wilson

Kenny Perkins

Cody Williams visiting

Infield cars came out for the fans after qualifying

Cal Smith and Corey Ballard

Trent Williams and Logan Williams

Nic Faas, Rip Williams and Cody Williams

Logan Williams and Seth Wilson

John Aden and Tony Everhart

Kenny Perkins and Corey Ballard

David Cardey and Trophy Girl

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