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Sokola classic

Damion enjoying his 2nd win of the year

Damion Gardner

Damion Gardner and Mike Spencer

Damion Gardner

Ronnie Gardner

Logan Williams

Damion Gardner

Cody Williams

Josh Pelkey

Nic Faas

Jake Swanson

Cory Kruseman

Seth Wilson

Austin Williams

The 4th heat

Josh pelkey and J J Ercse

4 wide with Ronnie G, Corie Ballard, RJ Johnson and Jake Swanson

Jake Swanson and Brody Roa

David Bezio and Johnathon henry

Ronnie Gardner and Jake Swanson

Mike Spencer ahead of R J Jophnson

Nic Faas leads Johnathn Henry

The winner gets the checkers

Chris Holt interviews Damion

The Alexander Brothers with Damion Gadner after their second win of the year

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