Digital Images from Doug Allen!

Bobby East

Bobby East

Damion Gardner

Winner Damion Gardner

Push off area for qualifing

Pit area back from the track that's asphault and used when rain has flooded the pits.

Mathew Shedarowich

The Kruseman team

Jerry Coons, Tracy Hines and Damion Gardner have some discussion

Pit Meeting

Cory Kruseman

David Cardey

Mathew Shedarowich

Push off area

Jerry Welton

Cory Kruseman

David Cardey

Bryan Clauson

Tony Jones

Damion Gardner

Levi Jones

Mike Spencer

Seth Wilson

Shane Hmiel and Danny Sheridan

Jerry Coons Jr and Danny Sheridan

Mike Spencer and Tony Jones

Tracy Hines and levi Jones

Greg Bragg

Randy Shiosaki and Jimbo in rented Wags mule

Four Wide

Tony Jones taking a ride

Blake Miller and Austin Williams

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