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Whatever happened to Ascot? Well, the shame of it is, nothing. They erected a block wall in front of the parking lot and made a car auction area where the race track was. Too bad, we could still be there if...........

This view from across the street is about where the parking in front of the entrance to the grandstands was.

See the building to the right? That has been sinking since forever. This driveway was where the pit entrance was,

If memory serves me right, this fireplug was where I parked in front of the parking lot, giving me easy access to the street and a quick way home in the old motorhome that we typocally ate lunch, visited, took naps, put our blanket on the steps to the entrance, and waited for the ticket booths to open..

Note they have a guard out front and he game me a long look as I took these pics. This is close to where the little building where the slick track was.

The view is from the turn one side of the lot. Behind this wall is where the school bus parking was. .Isn't it a shame, all our Ascot memories hidden behind this wall? Life moves on.

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