A Tale of Two Seasons

Race fans know but two seasons
instead of the traditional four,
"on" or "off" to sum it up
the rest we just ignore!

Our families all know better
than to plan a wedding in the fall,
and birthdays or untimely deaths
aren't tolerated at all

We say "sorry, but no" to Thanksgiving
"it's Turkey Night, you know,
perhaps we'll swing by at Christmas
on our way to the Chili Bowl."

Yet, we're thankful for the "off" season
that precious window of time
when not only motors get refreshed
but also our bodies and minds.

We use this time to play catch up
pay the bills, clean up and paint
enjoy the holiday spirit
relax, we've no complaints!

We visit with friends and family
take in a movie or two,
all the things we tend to neglect
with the hobby we pursue.

But, the holidays are behind us now
the "off" season has come and gone,
the Chili Bowl sent the signal,
the new season will soon be "on."

The schedule has been published
and from this we take our cue,
to head for the pits and grandstands
and bid family and friends adieu!

Race fans are a contented lot
we can't wait to get back to our seats,
to inhale the fumes and watch 'em zoom
ahhh, but ain't life sweet.

By Terry Wagner

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