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2008 pics in review


January, 2008 @ Chili Bowl

These girls were touting a local watering hole.

The Creek Nation Casino brought their girls again. This one was very bountiful!

Miss Penthouse was in the Randy Hannigan booth. I asked if she even knew the driver, and there he was sitting and I didn't notice him. Imagine that.

Kevin and Steve Lafond of TOHF hamming it up.

Here, Damion poses for me, too! What a night for the California native and all his fans. It made you proud!!!


February 09, 2008 @ Perris

The Gardners only had three cars out tonight and Rickie Gaunt was off off-roading.

Danny Sheridan brought two cars and ran 4 features.

Randy Shiosaki looking for a drink, a sandwich or a new shock?

Jimbo ready to thrash away on the Kittle Kar.

Nellie Stansberry tools around in her new buggy.

Joey Franklin, AKA Elvis, is a local resident who is an Elvis impersonator in his working life. He doesn't run much but recently won at a wing race.

Is there a better looking car in the pits?

In with the new, out with the old. The Kittle team swapped motors after a leak down test didn't look right.

The likeable car owner Ron Chaffin relaxes like always at the races. He enjoys himself very well.


February 29, 2008 @ Perris
Mrs Wags

USAC official Julie Shiosaki gives Wags what for.

Ray Stansberry and Evelyn Pratt hanging out together.

Danny Sheridan ready to go play.

Mike Spencer's ever present smile greets everyone.

Showtime catching a few winks until time to push off.

Josh Ford looking ready to get at it.


March 8, 2008 @ Perris

Ripper was pretty active but hasn't said how long he will be out.

Tony Jones approaches his car.

The beginning of the action part of Cody Williams day. Cody was "sitting in" for dad tonight and was about to start his driving career in a 410.

A little more as you knopw he was in high anxiety mode.

Rodney Arogo and Danny Sheridan.

There's Dolan helping out the Spencer team as usual here.

It's Miller time in this bad boy Gardner Sled driven by Bullet Blake Miller.


March 15, 2008 @ Manzy
Mrs Wags

RJ Johnson drove the midget to a win and the sprinter to 2nd this week with some hard chargin'.

The beauty of Priestley is ready for Garrett Hanson to kick it around the oval. He came in 9th.

Ron and his car both ready for anything.

Paul Dean leans in to adjust something on the Kittle Kar.

Randy Shiosaki has a word for you.

Car owner Brian Kittle visits with Wags.

The Williamson brothers, Keith left and Gary, both live in Phoenix now and still like to gas it up in a sprinter.

Watch where you are going, Jeff!

There seems to be a money issue here as Jim Fargo is trying to help Marilyn, I think.

Mark and Bethany Thrasher. Bethany is teaching young kids and going to college, quite a challenge.


March 15, 2007 @ Manzy
Mr Wags

Mrs Wags and Carrie Smiley talk.

Mike Leslie was 16th this week. What a nice looking car.

Chad and dad Billy move the car into place.

Mike Spencer gives a smile as he works on the little red sucker.

Ricky Johnson tooling around the pits. Where's Evelyn, I know he was speeding.

Mrs Wags is entertaining Gary Tanaka, or was that visa versa?


March 29, 2008 @ Perris
Mrs Wags

The pit booth is open and the day starts for the racers.

Entering the pits means a trip across the track in progress. A little messy and with the cloudy day, it should be a good racetrack! (It was)

We come in outside the 2nd turn and cut across into the pits.

Next in line after Cody is Austin. How many cars does Jack have?

Cody's smile is bright as he is living the dream! He won the semi and was 12th in the main as dad let him loose a little bit this night.

Mike Spencer crewman Eric Kaufman thinking!

Tom Sertich works on the tire his driver Luis Espinoza will use to get to 8th in this weeks main event.

Photographer Stan Jr, left and announcer Scott Deloisio chat in the pit early in the afternoon.

Austin, Ronnie and Blake again, having fun. That is what sprint car raicng is all about, isn't it?

Jonas Reynolds, his girlfriend Amy and Dad's girlfriend Stacy ready before the racing. Jonas new car looked pretty good as he made the main.


April 12, 2008 @ Perris

Jordan Hermansader's ride looks ready.

Alan Ballard tried on the # 75 of Ray Stansberry this week and got 6th in the main.

Speaking of inspection, here's the Rickie Gaunt driven # 25 Gardner car. Super Rickie was 15th in it this night.

Chris Tramel.

Down the front stretch go the cars packing the track.

Danny Sheridan

R J Johnson

Tony Jones

Josh Ford


April 19, 2008 @ Victorville

Rip and son Cagey Cody relax before the action starts to build..

Car owner Don Argo showed us his scars from his artery clearing neck surgery. He says he is doing fine and was enjoying being back at the track.

Tony Jones Silver Bullet ride. The motor dropped a cylinder, but he hung on for 2nd.

The little red sucker was fast tonight, but very unlucky again.

Robert Mayson chauffers Brad Doty around during the afternoon. Brad came to do the color commentery as Robert announced the event.

We are in turn 4 looking towards the grandstands here.

Great view from the grandstands. The pits are like Hanford, out to the left and behind the turns 3 and 4 walls.

Turn one is the exit back to the pits.


April 19, 2008 @ Perris

Mrs Wags must be lying as Richard Watkins has that look of disbelief on his face. His wife Sylvia and race director Steve Vodden look on.

Heidi Tresler ran strong and finished 11th in her 360 powered racer.

Seth Wilson's new look black car was very successful for him.

Hot laps in qualifying.

Rodney Argo is fired up on the long fire up road to the track.

A fimiliar name on what appears to be a sprint car puppy? Do sprint cars have babies?

Early track packing.

Ludwig moves onto the track.

Into turn two they go with Billy Blinn with a slight lead.

Josh Ford takes the lead, but Seth Wilson won the third heat.


April 26, 2008 @ Perris

Garrett Hansen and his ride getting ready for the night. He was sixth in the main.

Toby "Okie" Sampson was all smiles. He ran 2nd on the night after getting screwed on a line-up for a restart.

Steve Alexander and crazy Kenny get busy on Tony Jones ride.

Hal Engstrom comes out of the Moosemobile trailer early on.

Josh Ford's ride at rest. He was 7th this week.

Three Perkins generations. Grandpa, left, Will the Thrill and Kenny enjoy the racing.

Danny gets a push here.

Eric Kaufman pushes the little red sucker to the fire-up line.

David Cardey had a tough night as he never got to turn a wheel in racing. He couldn't keep the # 83 car lit.

Super Rickie gets ready to light em' up.

Ronnie Case made his first appearance with CRA this season. He was 7th in his heat and didn't return.

A pretty sight, those fire breating sprinters ready to rock!

Tony Jones practices his slide jobs.

It's the only way to fly!!! Jordan Hermansader on the gas.


May 10, 2008 @ Perris

Don Blair's car is brilliant in green.

Ralph is working on the little blue bugger.

Jimbo and Ralph model the Sheridan race wear.

Silvia, Nellie, Julie and Evelyn work hard to make the races go smooth.

The push truck drivers work hard to get things going each week. It cost money and this one's motto of empty pockets sez it all! They do it for free and could use a little gas money, especially in these high price days at the pump.

These three wisenhammers are having fun in the afternoon. From left Blake Miller, Austin Williams and Ronnie Gardner. Notice the nice friendly looks of Austin and Ronnie, but what's up with Bullet Blake?

John Redican is living back in the southland these days. He talks with Jimmy Oskie and Gale Forester here on his right.

Henry Clarke gets a ride in the bucket loader to the pits after being picked off the wall.


May 10, 2008 @ Victorville
Mrs Wags

Don't tell me it's time for a nap, eh?

Danny Sheridan's wife Kacie posed by the Kittle Kar for me.

Gary Kittle with his little weiner dog.

J Hicks lays one down.

Tony Jones on the hammer for second quick.

Aaron Altaffer going fast.

Seth Wilson rolls around the oval.

Ludwig Solberg IV

Don Again

Nic Faas at speed.

Eric Severson.

Danny Sheridan.


June 7, 2008 @ Perris

The Crossno pit area was busy.

Jack Gardner Jr and Don Flanders chat.

Luis Espinoza drove the Moosemobile to 14th.

Jordan Hermansader was 16th this race.

Tony Jones, 2007 CRA champion gets in his challenger for some fun in the mud.

Dirty Danita's Divas working for the veterans.

Alan Ballard

Luis Espinoza

Tony Jones

David Cardey

Mike Spencer


June 14, 2008 @ Santa Maria

How long has the pit booth been standing? Anyone?

Isn't the graphics on this trailer neat? Am I old school?

The Kittle Hauler is parked and they scurry around getting unloaded.

The sprinter parade lands in the infield where they ready to push off.

What a view!

The new driving suits for Tyler Brown and Blake Miller. Loose the hat Tyler!

The press box is visible over the grandstands.

Blake Miller

Garrett Hansen

The first heat lined up.

They are off!

It's the way they finished in this heat Garrett - Spencer.


June 21, 2008 @ Perris

Jonny Bates's car getting ready, well somebody is making it ready, anyway

Evelyn Pratt in her warm wear hat trolls the pits looking for offenders. It's 5 miles per hour gentlemen!

World famous photog Doug Allen has a neat vest he wears when he is doing his magic.

Danny Sheridan gives Showtime a new meaning.

Brian Venard gets muddy.

Tony Jones gets his spurs on.

David Cardey smokes one.

Lets see, she said you want some of this? He said, you bet. And she squirted half the crowd up there.


July 4, 2008 @ Perris

I arrived inside this hauler, so as soon as I escaped the air-conditioned Toter, I braved the heat out side. The team put together this sponsor billboard that is part of the protective fencing on top of the trailer where they watch the races from.

A closer view of the sponsor sign.

From here on this car will be known as the "little blue bugger" as Danny chases the little red sucker each week.

Here is the little red sucker. Note the license plate on the four wheeler.

The crew of the beautiful Mark Priestley owned # 7 pushes the new car back to their pit after inspection.

The Gardner Motorsports rig is unloading 4 cars.

Here comes the pool man Jim Wells.

The cars lined up in the midway to greet the fans as they came in at 3 o'clock. It was a bit warm.

Dan Hillberg and his wife were out front. He, his brother Darren and son drive lightning sprints now.

The Cardey crew discussing where is that boy?

Ronnie Case, you can almost see the whites of his eyes.

Blake Miller

Garrett Hansen

Troy Rutherford

Rip Williams

Danny Sheridan

Cody Williams

Mike Spencer

The first heat is lined up and ready to go wild.

Tony Jones pulls the left front while smoking the right rear.

Another lifter as Seth Wilson wins this heat.

Here comes the new leader, Danny in the little blue bugger on the high side.

And the winner is ----- Showtime Danny Sheridan.

Danny hugs Randy as Julie waters him down.


July 5, 2008 @ Santa Maria

Randy visits with Danny's lifelong friend Bret beside the hauler. Bret would be sharing the cooking duties with Dallas, another friend of the driver.

The Costco shoppers have returned. Julie brings some cookies for the feed.

Dan Faria, Jr.

Danny Sheridan

Peter Murphy up watching the action.

Bret and Dallas are cooking away. The tri-tip was fabulous.

Most of the cars who ran are here.

Danny was all over the place!


July 19, 2008 @ Perris

I caught Doug Allen staging the Tony Jones crew by their brand new car and sneaked a shot.

Garrett Hansen lays one down.

Rip Williams ties one on. He was pretty consistant this week with 4th quick, 4th in his heat and 5th in the main event.

Seth Wilson's mount is ready after arriving late. Seth started on the front row, but finished 18th.


August 16, 2008 @ Santa Maria

Bruce Bromme Jr and Glenn Crossno hook up for some comparison talk.

Evelyn Pratt celebrated her 89th b-day recently. And she just keeps on going!

Dennis Rodriguez new ride looks sharp.

Dyn-O-mite David Cardey would rather talk to wife, Dirty Danita, than me.

Ludwig Solberg IV will drive this # 84 car the rest of the year.

Josh Ford came back from Iowa with intensity. He ran a strong 6th this week.

Tyler Brown gets belted into his Gardnerf Motorsports ride.


August 23, 2008 @ Perris

Karen Bolinas is hiding in the Priestley trailer with Randy early on.

Here is a close look at the new Viper Chassis car driven by David Cardey.

Danny Sheridan and Tony Jones make some interesting comments as they go thru Mrs Wags new 2009 drivers calender with Tanner and Carley looking on.

Mike Spencer joins the foursome for a great photo op.

Chet Gardner talks with Tyler Brown as they try to find their fuel flow problem.

Danny Sheridan gets ready for the ride of his life with David Cardey in one of those off road trucks.

Are you sure you want to do this?

The Kittle Brothers, Brian and Gary, talk with Alan Ballard prior to the line-up for the main.

Who knows whats going on with Danny and Tony?

I wasn't going to tell you this but, infield announcer Chris Holt was wrenching on the Tony Jones winning car tonight. What a job that man does.

Mike Spencer settles into the cockpit of the little red sucker as Bruce Bromme Jr looks on.

The eventual winner gets attention by his crew.

David Cardey's Viper is ready again.


August 30, 2008 @ Calistoga

Garrett Hansen get's a push in his midget.

Matt Mitchell ran both this sprinter and his midget this weekend.

The back-up car for the Hansen experience just hung for this one.

The little red sucker gets weighed in.

Randy Shiosaki gets Danny's car ready. At least I think that is what he is doing.

Kevin Swindell won Sunday.

He gives a big smile here.

Randi Pankratz signs in at the USAC trailer.

Blake Miller did the best of the So Cal boys with a fifth each night.

Darrell Hanestad and Blake Miller moving out.

Local driver Jim Richardson was ready for this race.

Damion Gardner on the gas.

The Calistoga sign on the front stretch wall.

The left side of the pit area.

Vinnie hustles around the Demon's car.

Mike Clark reads the paper.

A side view of the grandstands.


September 13, 2008 @ The PAS

Jack Gardner Sr checks out the decals for the "new" # 93J racer the boys put togeather as a backup for Blake Miller. It was a rebuild of an old Sled model and still looks fast. The two blue Sleds were numbers 1 and 2 in qualifying.

Blake Miller gives it the thumbs up as Nadine and Chris Holt watch.

Rickie Gaunt and Tanner Watson discuss his picture in the calendar.

Alan Ballard climbs out of his car after firing up.

Danny Sheridan a little fuzzy at speed.

Cory Kruseman on the go here. He dropped out of the feature.

Suprise, it's master chili cooker John Gardner of La Villa Mexican Restaurant.

Tony Jones just cracked me up. He can be a bad boy.

He gets Tammy and Grady to help him out here.


October 04, 2008 @ The PAS
Mrs Wags

Tony Jones visits with Nellie Stansberry as he comes into the pits.

Rusty Carlile was having a good time.

Gary Tanaka, left, and Eric Kaufman have been crewmembers with Bruce Bromme Jr for many years, even a few decades.

Shelly Ostling and daughter Taylor. Taylor is excited about her new Canon camera and the stunning pictures she is taking with it.

Ray Stansberry is always up to something. Here he plays with a tire for amusement.

Aw shucks, a nice couple. Oh, it's Danny Sheridan and his pretty lady Kasie.

Who's ride is this? Looks like the stagger is wrong!

Cody Williams was in Dad's car agian this week as we wait for Rip to be released from his doctors orders to drive again. See that trailer in the background? If you had a few drinks, wouldn't you think that was Wags trailer?

Danny Sheridan and Tony Jones have a little bet going on who beats who each week. Loser buys lunch. I asked Danny of he was bringing Tony a triple decker after three wins in a row. I got a smile. They both indicated they didn't trust each others judgement on food.

Jim Cardey, David's dad, gets something from car owner Glen Crossno.

Greg Bragg and his daughter running around in the pits. He had an early ending to his night when he couldn't avoid another car and got on his head.

The famous Freddie Sachs, scorekeeper amazing, as he arrives to visit around before going up into the tower to do his job.


October 4, 2008 @ The PAS

Entering the pits on fair day always leads to something. The "MONSTER" trucks had performed earlier, so they were scattered around the pits.

Jeff Kristensen must be selling dirt(y) pictures as Dennis Rodriguez and Jimmy May consider the purchase.

Doug Allen gives Don Weaver a bad time.

The eventual winner sure knows how to get down and dirty!

Greg Bragg gets er' sideways

David Cardey gets the left front in the air.

Ludwig Solberg IV going fast.

Slick Nic is all of that as he impresses every time out. Wait until he has the seat time.

Bright enough for you? You can't lose him on the track.


October 18, 2008 @ The PAS

You can hardly see them, but Bruce Bromme Jr is teaching young Dillon about the little red sucker. Dillon comes from Palm Springs nearly every week to help with the car as his grandpa watches from the stands.

Royal Adderson's # 40 was pretty good to him this week as he ran strong to get the transfer to the main where he finished 18th.

Jack Gardner Jr and Mike Arthur talk shop.

Rickie Gaunt

Alan Ballard

Greg Bragg

Chad Boat

Brad Noffsinger

Rip Williams

Mud scraping is fun?

Tony Jones on his way.

Damion Gardner

Second row


October 25, 2008 @ Ventura

This blond caught my attention as she and her boyfriend wandered the pits.

Bill Camarillo and Glenn Crossno talk it over.

Bobby and Wendy pose by the # 21 car.

Big Brown was the story of this night as Tyler turned in a very smooth 30 laps to win his second of the year.

Rip Williams and Mike English relax in the Jory Mule.

Jack and Sharon Jory visit with Mrs Wags.

David Cardey gets his picture taken by Mike Truex.

Brent Camarillo gets near the push-off area.

Brian Camarillo gets ready to fire.

Chet Gardner is always hustling. He works on Big Brown's car and the win probably made his day.

Tyler was dreaming of winning about now!

The Williams family of drivers from left Logan, Austin, Rip and Cody. Pretty impressive. I think it was the first time they had ever raced together at the same track.

The Michnowicz racers Kevin, Bobby, Darrell and Wendy.


October 25, 2008 @ Ventura
Mrs Wags

Showtime Sheridan and Slick Nic having a goodtime.

Kevin Michnowicz and Maverick Gaunt are ready to race.

Super Rickie and Kevin M. Kids at play!

Looks like the blue crew is busy.

Maverick's ride ready to go.

Alan Ballard chats with Jack Gardner Sr about .... horses?

Randy Shiosaki, that elusive photo target, gets caught by the Mrs this week.

Wags and Julie up to no good.

Bullet Blake Miller and he smiles for Mrs Wags.


November 1, 2008

Laurie Sertich of Moose fame has her haunted trailer scene set up for the kids. It didn't scare me!

Tony Stewart team cars are impressive in black and red.

The Kasey Kahne racing team is in the house.

Mike Spencer hustles arond the little red sucker. With Crew Chief Bruce unable to do anything due to his bum shoulder, the rest of the team has stepped up, including Mike.

Brad Sweet looks like he is happy and relaxed. He was 8th, then 24th, then 4th on the last night.

R J Johnson and his dad chat in the afternoon.

Nic Faas heads to fire up.

Hunter Scheurenberg drove for injured Garrett Hanson.

Seth Wilson commes back to the PAS and runs well.

Tony Jones swamped the field the first night.

David Cardey stormed to a big win on Friday.

The helmet show is always awesome.

These grandstand shots are marginal, but some cars really hook it up out of turn two.

Billy Boat does some welding on son Chad's car and related parts.

The haulers were squeezed in with very little room between. In some cases you could walk between them and touch both sides.

Tim Kaeding looks ready.

Cole Whitt rides the rim.

Jerry Coons Jr had a good shot at the win, until ......the Slammer came by.

Damion is visited by Krista and Mallory.


November 1, 2008 @ The PAS
Mrs Wags

Bruce Bromme Jr, Mike Spencer and Levi Jones chat.

Who asked for a line-up? what did they do and who is guilty? Who looks it, Cody?

Don "The" Barber and Mike Clark visit.

John and Sonia.

Jim and Fran

Krista and Alicia

Pat & Lee Ann


November 29, 2008 @ The PAS

If you are wanting to get in the picture you take, there are several ways. Here's one now with Eric Severson's car.

Ed McWilliams drives this 360 car occasionally. He is from San Diego and had Dennis Stewart helping him tonight. His pit crew, Alexandria, was very active getting the car ready.

Mike Spencer Sr and Eric Kaufman talk in the hauler as they get settled in for the night.

Ralph helps Steve in the Kittle hauler.

The 10th banner goes up for Chaffin/Bromme and their championships togeather.

David Cardey's ride gets out of the trailer. He won his heat, started 19th and finished 12th after a stop for some problem adjusted.

Mrs Wags and Joyce Cardey yakking it up.


November 29, 2008 @ The PAS
Mrs Wags

Kris Kittle gets a ride in the Wagsmobile.

Here's trouble! David "Cowboy" Cardey, R J Johnson and Danny Sheridan are too sly looking for it not to be trouble

Car owner Ron Chaffin and his crew chief Bruce Bromme Jr celebrate their 10th championship togeather. From Lealand McSpadden, to Richard Griffin, to Damion Gardner and now Mike Spencer it's all good.

Ed McWilliams car has an interesting motto. It is on the side of the cowl. I blew it up on the bottom right of the pic.

Billy Boat and son Chad barnstormed Indiana and beyond this summer.

The Williams pit area is beginning to look more like a Gardner pit. Three cars with Rip and his two sons racing is pretty special.

The Camarillo brothers Brian and Brent smile for Mrs Wags.

A great shot of a happy Ripper. Why not he's got two of his boys on the track with him tonight.

Billy has a smoke as long time friend Gale Forester looks on.

Ronnie Gardner gets strapped in.

Champion Mike Spencer.

Tony Jones signs autographs for his fans.

An emotional moment for the Wags.

Adios my friend, it was a fun ride.

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