Digital Images from Steve Lafond!
Steve Lafond does Hanford in flames

Robert Ballou

Robert Ballou

Keith Bloom and Peter Murphy

Greg Bragg

The Mark Spivey hard charger award posing with Gregg Bragg and the Moose peole with Steve Lafond presenting.

Steve and Greg

Greg Bragg, Nic Faas and Jerry Welton.

Bud Kaeding

Bud Kaeding

3 champs, Spencer, Jones and VanderWeerd

Chuck Fry and Wags

Bobby East

Geoff Ensign

Nic Faas

Marty Hawkins

Marty Hawkins

Marty and his dad

Tracy Hines and Jon Stanbrough

John and Sonia Bandy

Levi Jones

Levi Jones

Levi Jones

Levi Jones

Levi's baby and wife

Levi and Brian Clauson

Levi and Spencer

Jace VanderWeerd

Korie Lafond "daughter"

Korie and beau Andy

Korie and Kruseman

Korie and dad

Kruseman, Stanbrough and Kaeding

Kyle Larson

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy

Brody Roa getting congrats from the Wags

Brody Roa

Troy Rutherford

Richard VanderWeerd and 360 Championship

Gary Selsi's 14 year oldson with a wing

Danny SHeridan

Cal Smith

Mike Spencer

Mike and 2011 championship celebration

Ron Chaffin, Mike and Bruce Bromme Jr

Jon Stanbrough

Jon Stanbrough and Brian Clauson

Podium of Keith Bloom, winner Levi Jones and Ryan Brnal

The sisters Kari and Tracey

Tim and Mike Truex with Wags

Chris Windom

Chris Windom

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