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Chili Bowl Friday

So many cars (268) and a never ending changing landscape

Brad Noffsinger putting his car back together

The little Hall Ass hoodie

Sue Fry just shopping

A new group of Cloud 9 girls

These 3 wanted to pose seperately

A new old super?

The far end of the pits away from the track

# 16 Robert Ballou

The back line of cars had lots of visitors

More Loyet cars

# 63 Jerry Coons

The Petersons # 4 cars

# 7B Austin Brown

# 1 Sammy Swindell

Special Sprinter

# 68 Ronnie Gardner

# 19S Richard Vander Weerd

Nelson Stewart was out rousting the girls and having fun with the McQueeen group

J D of WWRF did the usual auction this year.

Courtney Force was on the radio in the entry way of the Expo center

The place was busy most days

Ellen Ellis was out with her camera

# 82H Mike Hess

# 35

# 59 Billy Lawhead

# 29 Brandon Hahn

# 6B Bill Balog

# 6R Joe Ramaker

# 27B Johnny Scott

# 56A Levi Jones

# 151 Jesse Fraizer

Ronnie Gardner

Shawn Petersen

Shane Cockrum

# 23F Most

Alex Schutte

Derrick Myers

Daryn Pittman

Dustin Weland

Dave Darland

Joey Fabozzi

Dex Eaton

Ryan Bernal

Chase Stockin

Levi Roberts

Kevin Bayer

Austin Brown

Mike Boesel. Note I meet the tall guy, forgot his name, but he drives some kinfd of a stock car in Denver.

The guy in the glasses is named Fred. He is responsible for me having a scooter to get around on the 5 days. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kevin Thomas Jr from Alabama

Mike Larrison

Nick Knepper

Ryan Smith

Eric Fenton

Glenn Styres

Trevor Kobylarz

Daniel Robinson

Billy Wease

Chad Boat

Davey Heskin

Kyle Steffens

Pat Schudy

Danny Burke

Tim Kent and the Harvey family

Andrew Deal

Scott Crystal

Chris Coker

Justin Allgaier

Shannon McQueen

Gary Altig

Jonathan Hendrick

Cody Hughes

Michael Koontz

Garrett Aitken

Trey Starks

Mike Truex Media person of the year at work!

Jon Stanbrough and his girlfriend. Get it?

The girls of Hooterville Tulsa

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