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Chili Bowl Thursday

Bath tub built for speed?

# 11B Andee Beierle

California fans are always here. Rob , right, is one who travels a lot!

Twin Peaks girls Bonnie, left, and Judy were very nice and attractive too!

Bonnie on a trek to get something to eat.

The Barber is off shopping

George Rimmer trying to get a pic to take back to England

George is on another walk thru the shopping area.

# 96 Brad Noffsinger

Brad working on the car

# 68 Ronnie Gardner

The Twin Peaks girls had some cute puppies......

Brad Noffsinger and his wife walk around. He had a bad crash on his qualifier night, but rebuilt the car and came back.

Cloud 9 girls try to measure up?

Their job was to get the boys to go to their club

# 191 Chase Barber

You saw a lot of this over the 5 days as those who were not running hung out and visited.

# 05 Brad Loyet

# 39B Bryan Clauson

Jason Leffler was being filmed when I came by. He is still very friendly and can still drive!

Damion Gardner and Biggie converse

# 24L C J Leary

She posed as she worked the Huadenschild sales table

Brian Harvey worked on the family midget endlessly along with son Cody.

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