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Chili Bowl Wednesday

In the race track area this shot looks down towards turn 1 on the front stretch.

Looking across from turn four to turn two

The big grandstands covering the turn 3 and 4 corners

My seat is under the Ron Hughes banner in section A

Wendy Michnowicz knows something her hubby Bobby doesn't?

Two of the ABC Motorsports gang hamming it up for me. Names escape me, but she is always up to something.

Hall Ass booth shows their wares. They had a hoodie for babies that was cute

These two dolls, Christina (Peaches) on the left and Bonnie on the right, are from Twin Peaks. This nickname is obvious!

The Cloud Nine girls.

Dr Thunderhead, Tom, working his booth.

I know, I know - where's the brunette?

Keith Ford, Jimmy May and Catfish having a good time.

The Richard Harvey machine had no luck. On practice monday theuy blew a motor. Richard Sr bought a new one and it took two days to get all the parts to be able to run on Thursday.

Don O'Keefe brought these two cars to run. He had a bad crash on his Tuesday night and broke his collar bone. He loaded up and spent the rest of the week watching the action.

He looked fine and did a lot of visiting.

The Loyet cars we many.


Cars for Kevin Thomas Jr and Aaron Pierce

# 9P Wes McIntyre

Bryan Clauson is just

# 22X Wayne Johnson

# 35L Cody Ledger

# 93L Roserio, that's him on the left

# 93 Dustin Morgan

# 7s Hunter Schuerenberg

Damion Gardner

# 11 Shane Golobicickin' it!

# 1 Sammy Swindell

# 39 Kevin Swindell

# 8V Jace Vander Weerd

# 44 Dan Droud

# 20X Jimmy Harris

Now get this, I ask several of my good friends if there was anything on my back. The answer was NO! Good friends?


Still nice

The Flag decorated sprint car that did the National Anthem

Heat race starts

# 51S Mike Spencer

A little oops


Heat ready

Hooter Girls gone wild

Start of a heat

And away they go


Sammy on his way to another qualifier win

Damion Gardner

From left Jeff Fry, Glenn Carson and his son (forgot)

The Beer Guy has a tatoo on his head!

Chili Bowl Grand Marshall Lealand McSpadden!!!

Wagtimers in the crowd

Fran trying to get a pic

Check out the cowboy hat made from pull tabs of years ago

He owns the bar my old roommate visits and comes to the race with Tony

Sammy getting out of the cockpit very carefully after winning.

The winners circle

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